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Jan 18 2012

The Long-Term Energy Efficiency Potential: What the Evidence Suggests

The U.S. economy has tripled in size since 1970 and three-quarters of the new demand for energy comes from an amazing variety of advances in energy efficiency—not from other energy supplies. Going forward, the current economic recovery, and our future economic prosperity, will depend much more on energy-efficient behaviors and investments than we’ve seen in […]

Dec 28 2011

Whole Foods Market partners in energy-saving program

Whole Foods Market partnering with EnergySmart Jobs and PECI on high-efficiency refrigeration retrofits. EnergySmart Jobs works with supermarkets and other commercial retail businesses throughout California to lower their operating costs by reducing the amount of energy they use. “Whole Foods Market has been fortunate to work with PECI for several years in our Northern California […]

Dec 16 2011

Smart meter data helps Houstonian cut electric use

With the help of data from his smart meter, local resident Mike Butler cut his electricity use by 36 percent this summer to become the Houston-area’s Biggest Energy Saver. During the two-month Biggest Energy Saver consumer skill contest, registered participants competed by using smart meter data to reduce their electricity consumption and demonstrate how those […]

Dec 08 2011

Houston wants to help residents trim energy waste: City offers tips to save costs with the Home Energy Audit

Feel a draft around your home’s electrical outlets? If so, you’re wasting energy. Even if you cannot feel air moving, you still could have a leak. Here’s another way to check: Hold a feather or piece of lightweight string in front of outlets, switch plates, window frames, baseboards, fireplace dampers, kitchen or medicine cabinets or the attic […]

Nov 29 2011

Energy Efficiency Makes Simple Sense

Houston City Council has a chance to save Houstonians money on their bills and save energy – all at no cost to taxpayers. Efficiency is easy to love. As council updates city building codes, one of the most significant changes could be how much energy efficiency is required of new houses: unsexy stuff like how much […]

Nov 28 2011

Energy Efficiency: Plenty of Data, Many Confused Landlords

Have you ever heard of business owners wanting government regulators to come in and collect more information on their activities? For landlords working at the dawn of carbon emissions regulation, that seems increasingly likely to be the case as more cities require building owners to disclose how much energy they use. In several office markets, […]

Nov 23 2011

Americans using more energy, especially fossil fuels

After hitting a 12 year low in 2009, American energy use has gone back up, particularly use of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and petroleum. A report from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said renewable energy use remained at a flat level from 2009 to 2010. Though Americans got more energy from wind power, that […]

Mar 11 2011

Energy Efficiency: The Other Side of the Equation

Last month, when President Obama unveiled the Better Buildings Initiative to provide incentives for businesses to become more energy efficient, we were reminded how efficiency is a critical, but often overlooked component of our national energy policy. Sure, lots of people drive hybrid cars, and use energy-efficient light bulbs in their homes. But beyond this […]

Aug 23 2010

Watts up? People habitually underestimate their energy consumption

At TexasIsHot, we try to give consumers the most effective and easiest ways to save energy and lower their electric bill.  Sometimes, with the emphasis on easy, we forget about the most effective.  These two characteristics are not mutually exclusive.  As a matter of fact, many of the most effective methods of reducing energy consumption […]

May 12 2010

As the temperature goes up, you can drive your energy bill down

Summer in Texas brings many different images and thoughts to people. Whether it’s hiking, bike riding, swimming pools or enjoying a Round Rock Express baseball game, two things remain in the back of our mind – the heat and high electric bills. Energy usage in the summer months far outpaces our usage during the rest […]

  • "“As the Texas population continues to grow, so will our energy consumption needs. We must have tools that empower the consumer to choose their products and monitor their usage wisely. TexasIsHot.org is a great resource, which is exactly what Texans need in today’s deregulated market.”" - State Rep. Burt Solomons (R-Carrollton), Chairman of House State Affairs Committee
  • "In order to meet our goals, we need programs like the TexasIsHot campaign to help change the way people think about energy." - State Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay), Chairman of Senate Natural Resources Committee
  • "Texas leads the nation in wind power because it makes money, not because it makes us feel better. Texans are a practical, penny-wise people who I think will be happy to learn how to save a few bucks on their power bills with the common-sense advice at TexasIsHot.org."-Jerry Patterson, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office
  • "If every Texas household adopted just a few of the dozens of energy efficiency strategies referenced on TexasIsHot.org, our air would be cleaner, our limited supply of natural resources would be better protected, and our wallets would be heavier..." Kip Averitt (R-Waco), Former State Senator and Chairman of Senate Committee on Natural Resources
  • ”The TexasIsHot campaign targets an important piece of the clean energy effort -- educating Texans on the way we use electricity and quantifying the financial and environmental costs associated with our use. By just reducing the amount of electricity we use and waste, TexasIsHot.org can show people how to save money..." State Sen. Kirk Watson (D-Austin)
  • "Fluctuating energy costs are really hurting Texas families and businesses, but by just making a few easy changes, Texans can cut down on energy waste. TexasIsHot.org is a tremendous resource which arms consumers with the information they need to save themselves money by becoming more energy efficient, and help our environment." State Sen. Rodney Ellis (D-Houston)
  • "Texas is the third fastest growing state in the nation with a net growth of 1,000 people each and every day. This brings many challenges including providing clean and affordable electricity. That is why I'm excited about TexasIsHot.org. This website is an instructional resource that will help Texans save on their energy bills at home and in the workplace..." State Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford)
  • "Now, more than ever, Texans need to work together to conserve energy and to make more efficient use of the energy we consume. The TexasIsHot.org website is an extraordinary resource for people who want to save money and help conserve our precious natural resources..." State Rep. Rafael Anchía (D-Dallas)
  • "By partnering with the TexasIsHot Coalition we can extend our effort’s reach, leverage our resources, and ensure that Austin’s energy grid continues to be a test-bed for technologies, products, and services that will transform our state’s energy system." Brewster McCracken, Executive Director, Pecan Street Project
  • "The City of Houston is working harder than ever to make Houston green and energy efficient, but we need the help of every citizen. I would encourage everyone to take a moment to explore the TexasIsHot website to learn what we can all do to make Houston, and the rest of Texas, the green and energy efficient example for the rest of the nation." Mayor Annise Parker, Houston
  • "Energy efficiency is one of our top priorities. Partnering with the TexasIsHot Coalition will help us educate citizens and local businesses about energy-efficient practices in order to meet our goal of reducing residential and commercial electric use." Gavin Dillingham, Chief of Sustainable Growth – General Services Department, for the City of Houston
  • "We are excited about the new partnership that the City of Corpus Christi has entered into with the TexasIsHot Coalition. TexasIsHot.org provides a platform to educate policy makers, city employees and citizens on how to save money and help the environment by conserving energy..." Mayor Joe Adame, Corpus Christi
  • "I am excited that the City of Corpus Christi has joined the TexasIsHot Coalition and look forward to working with them to help Texans become smarter energy users. Energy efficiency is by far the best way for people to reduce their bills and help the environment, but we need education and outreach to make this happen." State Rep. Solomon Ortiz, Jr (D-Corpus Christi)
  • "Because of its fast growth and hot summers, Texas has to get smarter about energy conservation. I applaud the efforts of Corpus Christi and TexasIsHot to help businesses and residents reap the benefits of increased efficiency." Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen)
  • "Energy efficiency is the cleanest, quickest and cheapest way to get smart about energy use, saving both money and the environment. I applaud the TexasIsHot Coalition in their effort to educate Texans about the benefits of energy efficiency..." Luke Metzger, Director, Environment Texas
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